Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Productivity Monitoring For Employees Working

At Home Or In The Office

See Anything & Everything

Veriato Vision employee monitoring software lets you record and track all of your employees' activity... so you’ll know if they are working hard or hardly working.

Vision gives you granular control over what activities and programs you monitor. Once the Vision software is deployed on the company's PCs, MACs, and Androids, you can remotely monitor by department, group or individual. Additionally, you can monitor employees that are off network or working remotely.

Vision is cloud based so there's no hardware to buy, making deployment simple and fast. You can run Vision in silent mode, making it imperceptible to the end user.

Screenshots, Reports, Logs, & Video Review

Reviewing screenshot recordings is simple. Just download them as a video file and click "PLAY" to see exactly what an employee was doing on their computer. You can print activity logs, reports and screenshots for use as a management tool or for evidence in legal proceedings.


Key Features


Use of USB



Print Tracking

Application Use


Network Access

Social Media


Instant Messaging

Productivity Tracking

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Block by Category
Block complete categories (e.g., gambling, adult, shopping, etc.)

Block by URL
Block specific sites (e.g.,



Gives you the ability to block all web sites except those you deem appropriate (e.g., your own website

Veriato Vision's Web Filtering lets you easily see and restrict which websites your employees visit. Maximize productivity, and protect your organization by blocking access to dangerous, inappropriate or time wasting websites.

Web Filtering


Benefits & Capabilities


Productivity Reports

Preconfigured and customizable, employee activity reports can be viewed online or sent to you via email. Find out which employees spend their time working hard and who's abusing Internet usage. Veriato Vision gives you the clarity you need to manage effectively and maximize productivity.

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Real Time Alerts

Catch potential problems in realtime. Set up custom alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites or download non-productive programs and apps.


Insider Threat Security

Get alerted about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time, so that you can react quickly to protect your critical data (e.g., client lists, financials, customer data, etc.). Vision constantly analyzes all employees' behavior to see if they fall outside normal behavioral ranges, which may be indicative of a security risk.

Ready to block sensitive documents from being sent out from email or USB ports?