Unitrends Ransomware Protection


The threat from ransomware continues to grow and evolve as

experts say that up to 40% of all email spam contains ransomware.

A solid backup solution with automated detection is the only way to beat ransomware


Key Features


Recovery Assurance

Unitrends Recovery Assurance software performs automatic testing of backup data, settings, and applications, doing trial recoveries to ensure your backup is working and your ransomware protection is effective.


Pre‑Integrated, Hardened Appliances

Because of the wide prevalence of Windows, ransomware criminals predominantly target Windows-based servers, appliances, PCs, and devices.

All Unitrends backup appliances are written in hardened Linux to keep ransomware from making your recovery solution a victim of a ransomware attack.


Benefits & capabilities


Proactive Detection

Unitrends backup appliances has the ability to quickly and accurately identify ransomware activity as part of every backup.

Unitrends developed artificial intelligence that runs during every backup, analyzing the randomness of file changes to identify backups infected by ransomware.


Upon detection email and dashboard alerts are immediately sent to administrators and all suspected backups are flagged with an icon to prevent recoveries using infected files. 


Catch hackers in the act, before the damage is done, and confidently restore uninfected data.


Faster Recovery to Lessen Negative Impacts

Unitrends provides software and services that can support easy and automated restoration of production data to their state prior to the attack.

Unitrends backup appliances can act as recovery platforms until production servers are scrubbed and brought back into service.


Since clean, tested backup data is already on the Unitrends appliance, recovery can take just seconds.

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