Unitrends Helix is an intelligent SaaS remediation platform that

automatically fixes issues with backup and recovery so you can get more done today.

How it works

Helix is SaaS-based and communicates with on-prem or cloud environments protected by Unitrends backup appliances. Helix learns what conditions it should look for and how to fix them automatically. Once a new failure condition is added to the Helix platform, it updates all customer environments to look for it.


Key Features


Receive Alerts

When Helix triggers a remediation or appliance update, you are emailed a detailed report.

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100% Proactive

Proactively keep appliances up to date and remediate issues with VSS services and third-party VSS providers that wreak havoc on backups.

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Evolves over Time

Helix will evolve quickly. It will learn more use cases and common problems to troubleshoot and fix for you, based on Unitrends’ 30 years of experience helping customers.

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Benefits & capabilities


Zero Effort

Helix is like another set of eyes and ears for IT. There is no management necessary. Just deploy, and it starts monitoring for problematic conditions automatically.

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Easy Set Up

Use your favorite endpoint management system to deploy Helix agents in just a few clicks to any Windows machine.

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Low Maintenance

There are no Helix servers to manage, and Helix agents are updated without any interaction.

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