Unitrends Disaster Recovery

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Unitrends offers a variety of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions designed to fit your needs


Key Features


Benefits & capabilities


Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Unitrends Disaster Recovery as a Service provides more uptime by launching applications in the Unitrends Cloud, allowing your business to operate during a disaster or outage.

You can choose to failover an unlimited number of machines replicated to the Unitrends Cloud, or choose individual machines to control budget.


DR Testing & Instant Labs

Unitrends Recovery Assurance guarantees your business can meet its RPOs and RTOs.

  • Automated disaster recovery testing: Manual testing takes too much time. Recovery Assurance delivers automated disaster recovery testing that runs in the background.

  • Local and in the cloud: Recovery Assurance can test and certify recovery objectives both on-premises and in the Unitrends Cloud.

  • Instant Lab Spin-up: Supercharge the investment your company makes in backup and use Unitrends Recovery Assurance to spin-up an instant lab for testing, data analysis, and dev sandboxes.

  • Built-in Reporting: Automatically report up to management and stakeholders the results of recovery testing — or just monitor the reports yourself to maintain confidence in your disaster recovery plans.

  • Predictive Analytics: Machine learning and AI alerts you to ransomware attacks or hardware failure earlier, so you can take action before data is compromised or lost.


Site-to-Site Replication

Unitrends backup appliances have WAN accelerated, highly optimized replication, advanced levels of automation and orchestration to minimize manual recovery efforts.


Businesses with multiple sites or who want maximum control of their disaster recovery strategy, separate sites can provide off-premises storage and also act as the disaster recovery site by replicating data between multiple locations.

For enterprises with many sites or service providers with multiple clients, Unitrends delivers enterprise data management for easy monitoring and management by letting you add and control thousands of appliances from a single interface. 


Unitrends also supports role-based management so groups can control their own backups without access or visibility to others.


Local Instant Recovery

In the event of a server failure or other localized outage, instant recovery can keep your business running smoothly.


Unitrends Instant Recovery can recover a failed or corrupted virtual machine, or physical Windows server, and access its full data set within minutes. This means that users can continue working very quickly after an unexpected server failure. Once the server has been repaired, the application can then be migrated back A

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