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AuthControl Sentry® User Portal

The User Portal provides administrators with the capability of providing autonomy to users to directly execute regular requirements such as changing or resetting a PIN, or provisioning the mobile app. Consequently, any related cost usually associated with providing support for these actions is redeemed.


Greater efficiency

Swivel Secure’s User Portal is designed to deliver greater efficiency for users to execute basic requirements including:
- Changing their PIN
- Resetting their PIN
- Mobile app provisioning
- Hardware token resynchronisation.

Restrictions can be deployed to ensure some policing occurs, ensuring actions are in accordance with security protocols.


Provisioning the mobile app

As well as allowing users to change and reset their PIN, the mobile app can also be provisioned effortlessly. An email is sent to the user detailing the steps to provision the mobile app, and a QR code for configuration. Once deployed, users can authenticate access to all of their regular applications using: - The one-time code (OTC) or - PUSH notification

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