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Single Sign-On

Single sign-on functionality for AuthControl Sentry® is a feature providing users with the ability to access all of their applications, with a single authentication process.

How it works

Key Features


Simpler usability

Single sign-on (SSO) is designed to increase efficiency by allowing users to access all of their applications with a single successful authentication, through the risk-based policy engine. Whether users are accessing applications through a VPN, on-premise, or cloud, they will automatically be directed to authenticate using the single sign-on functionality within the Unified Portal.


Continuous security

Swivel Secure provides a unified portal to deliver frictionless access for your users. By using this single point of access, users’ privileges can be managed and behaviour can be tracked for auditing purposes, enhancing security and providing accountability.

Benefits & capabilities


Effortless management

As your business grows and additional applications are required to integrate into the business, they can easily be accessible to users with access authenticated through a single portal.

Privileges can be effortlessly managed and risk-based authentication enabled to ensure policy settings are configured to apply the appropriate level of authentication, per user, per application.



Significant savings can be achieved by utilising SSO, as the necessity for password-related calls to IT support desks are eradicated. Productivity increases, where users are logging into one point to access all of their applications – saving time.

The cost of training is also minimised with a single process to authenticate, whether the user is accessing applications on-premise, through a VPN, or with cloud architecture.

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