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PINsafe® – Patented Technology

PINsafe® is the patented technology behind the image

authentication factors PINpad®, PICpad, and TURing.
PINpad®, PICpad, and TURing are part of a range of authentication factors
available with AuthControl Sentry®, the multi-factor authentication solution designed to protect organisations from unauthorised access to their applications, networks and data.

PINsafe patented technology swivelsecure

How does PINsafe® work?

Each user is issued a PIN number – however, this exact PIN is never typed in.

When a user needs to securely authenticate, they’re sent a 10-digit security string – a random sequence of characters or numbers. The security string can be displayed as a graphic (TURing, PINpad® or PICpad) or sent via email or through SMS verification.

By using the PIN as a positional indicator, one-time code for authentication can be extracted.

PINsafe patented technology swivelsecure

Can you show me an example?

The example above shows your PIN is 1370. On this occasion the security string is 5721694380, so your login code is 5240.

The security string can be integrated with many devices and applications, in a variety of ways for complete flexibility. Including:

– Logging into Windows
– Remote access with F5, Citrix Netscaler and Cisco VPN
– Web access with OWA, Apache, and Microsoft ILS

PINsafe patented technology swivelsecure

Authentication factors

Swivel Secure provides an extensive range of authentication factors to ensure each deployment provides maximum adoption across your whole organisation.


Whether you choose to authenticate utilising the OTC on the mobile app, a traditional hardware token or even using your fingerprint, Swivel Secure’s AuthControl Sentry® provides ultimate security and configurability to suit your business’ security needs.

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