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AuthControl Sentry® 

Multi-Factor Authentication

There are no restrictions with AuthControl Sentry®. It is designed to authenticate access to applications whether they’re hosted in the cloud or on-premise and whether the user is a customer, an employee, or a supplier requesting access.


Deploy AuthControl Sentry to authenticate a range of stakeholders or use it to authenticate user access to particular applications such as Office 365 or Palo Alto appliances.

How it works

Key Features


Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) functionality for AuthControl Sentry® provides users with the ability to access all of their applications with a single authentication process. This ensures users can work efficiently without compromising security.


Risk-based authentication

Risk-based authentication (RBA) is a dynamic feature of AuthControl Sentry®. Based on parameters set in the policy engine, RBA will request the appropriate level of authentication to access applications based on the user, their device and the application.


User Portal

The User Portal is designed to provide administrators with a configurable solution to allow users autonomy for basic self-administration tasks. The User Portal gives users direct access to execute regular requirements such as changing or resetting a PIN, or provisioning the mobile app.


Benefits & capabilities

Cloud based architecture


A fixed IP - Each AuthControl Sentry® customer receives a dedicated fixed IP for their own virtual instance. There is no shared resource, no shared application programming interface, and no shared entry portal.

A dedicated offering - AuthControl Cloud gives you a dedicated virtual machine. There are no shared multi-tenanted options, so you can expect total management and control which means you have the flexibility to configure the solution to meet with your exacting needs.

A private firewall - We offer dedicated and independent firewalls for each customer, allowing tailored security and access control lists.

On-premise architecture


Active Directory integration - Access internal systems via our Active Directory Agent, a locally installed software application that removes the need to share your Active Directory across the Internet, whilst maintaining user account synchronisation.

Comprehensive administration - With our expert team maintaining the infrastructure, the only thing left for you to manage are the integrations, policies and users. All administration is completed via our simple-to-use, comprehensive graphical user interface.

Single sign-on (SSO) - To make life easy and simplify administration, AuthControl Sentry® provides a seamless and unified approach to authentication. All authentication requests can be routed and controlled via our single sign-on page, based on the risk policies you define.

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