Protecting identities with intelligent authentication

With PINsafe® technology at the core for ultimate security and risk-based authentication

providing dynamic control, the award winning AuthControl Sentry® delivers an intelligent

multi-factor authentication platform for enterprise.

Benefits & capabilities


Risk-based authentication

Risk-based authentication (RBA) is a feature of AuthControl Sentry® that is designed to deliver intelligent authentication by optimising security based on the user, the device and the application.


Single sign-on

Single sign-on functionality for AuthControl Sentry® is a feature providing users with the ability to access all of their applications, with a single authentication process.


Key Features



Patented Technology

The best of data loss prevention solutions, each user is issued a PIN number – however, this exact PIN is never typed in.


AuthControl Sentry® Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure all on-premise applications with multi-factor authentication that provides a comprehensive range of factors for maximum deployment.

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