Privileged Access Recording


Monitor and record all activities in privileged sessions

Privileged users need access to privileged accounts in order to conduct daily routines such as maintenance on systems, updating, and troubleshooting problems. However, these users may also misuse privileges to gain unauthorized access to information and cause damage to the IT environment.

To prevent misuse of privileges by authorized users, and to detect malicious activity that could indicate a compromised user account, we strongly recommend that you record and monitor all privileged session activities.

Key Features

Recording of command.png

Real-time monitoring

Lets the information security department track user activities and detect suspicious events in real time

Recording of command.png

Video recording and session audit log storage

The information security team can identify the exact moment the incident started, understand how it started, and evaluate the damage caused


Remote session termination

Allows any privileged session to be simply and quickly terminated

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Tamper-proof digital vault

Stores session recordings and audit logs to prevent users from editing their activity logs


Secure Proxy server

Creates an isolated and secure environment, separating end-user equipment from the target system


SSH Server

Acts as a proxy for privileged Unix sessions, providing a native user experience

Ready to have visibility of the activities performed by specific users?