Insider Threat


Protect your company from internal threats

The information security department should always be aware of where threats come from. They may come from outside the company, but they may also be internal.

When it comes to data breaches, employees themselves may be one of the biggest risks to the organization. These threats may be Accidental, when personnel are just poorly trained; Negligent, when employees try to circumvent implemented policies; or Malicious – the most dangerous – when the employee is motivated by financial gain, espionage or revenge.


One way to mitigate the risks of insider threats and limit the damage caused by such actions is by deploying senhasegura, which fully meets the requirements for limiting user privileges and controlling access to privileged accounts. Thus, to reduce the risk of an insider attack with potential damage, some of the aspects covered by senhasegura include:

Key Features


Establish strict responsibility over the use of privileged accounts

by tracking who accessed which accounts and which activities were performed

Command scoring.png

Improve forensic analysis

by generating detailed and tamper-proof audit trails for all privileged account activities


Quickly detect and receive alerts of any abnormal activity

that could mean an insider attack underway

Audit, command alert and blocking.png

Prevent users from gaining unauthorized privileges

Ready to have visibility of the
activities performed by specific users?