DevOps and Secret Management


Adapt to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been increasingly accelerated, and the need to reduce costs while increasing the speed of software development is increasingly evident.

In times of fast deliveries and immediate results, DevOps environments have emerged to meet the need for high-quality deliveries in the shortest possible time.

By 2021, DevSecOps practices will be adopted by 60% of agile development teams, while there were 20% in 2019.

Is your company ready for this new scenario?


Made for DevOps - Key Features


Benefits & capabilities

Ready-to-use, scalable and security-focused solution

Senhasegura is ready to handle all sensitive data, such as passwords, API keys and SSL certificates

Access control with granular least privilege

Helps your organization implement minimum access policies by controlling DevOps resources. Privileged users can access and limit what they are authorized to do with these features, based on their roles and tasks

Centralized protection, management and auditing of centralized secrets

Automatic management and protection of user and machine secrets from the moment they are created. All events related to secrets are automatically and permanently recorded for audit purposes

Integrated Cloud IAM

As an exclusive feature in relation to competitors, senhasegura offers a Cloud IAM integrated into the solution, allowing provisioning, de-provisioning, and access flows for users and access keys

Ready to have visibility of the
activities performed by specific users?


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