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Advanced threat protection for Office 365 and G Suite, simplified

Key Features

​​Give employees expertise they can rely on

Every warning is the result of a technical risk assessment completed by scanning the email's hidden DNA and cross-checking it with both your Trust Network and machine learning models that understand human language and relationships.

​​Give employees expertise they can rely on

Machine learning powers OnINBOX's social-intelligence, which combines historical email data with a live risk assessment of every inbound email.


This includes the sender's security and the language they used before clearly labeling the risks at the top of every email - so your employees won’t miss a thing.


Benefits & capabilities

Is this person who they say they are?

Red Sift makes cyber security easy and accessible to all. With clear visual indicators at the top of every email, scanned by a security system, even those who are the least threat savvy to notice a hidden risk.

Security teams can define and control trust networks

Intuitive centralized dashboards provide the controls to swiftly define what is and isn't a risk for an organization through easy-to-use classification systems.


These are rolled out to every email associated with your domain, instantly protecting your entire organization.

Spot the traps and protect systems from malware

OnINBOX uses rigorous technical scans and a trust model powered by machine learning for social-intelligence.


This includes understanding human language, communication behavior, and the sender's intent before alerting employees to anything suspicious.

Stop phishing attacks, winning employee confidence

Even the most highly personalized and carefully crafted phishing attach won't go unnoticed when there are danger signs above it. Organizations can have confidence in knowing that threats are labeled by OnINBOX's in-email visual indicators across all inboxes.

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