Actively block phishing attacks &

Stop email impersonation

Follow clear actions to secure your inbox

and boost email deliverability.

What does OnDMARC do?

OnDMARC is a cloud-based application that enables organisations to quickly configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all their legitimate email sources. This instantly blocks any email impersonation based phishing attacks.

Email is your biggest risk

Anyone can send an email directly to your customers, suppliers or employees pretending to be you, putting your security and reputation at risk.


Impersonated emails can take many forms:

  • Please pay this invoice...

  • Can you send over that contract?

  • I need to confirm your personal details...

  • Check out the attachment...

  • Follow this link to reset...


With OnDMARC you can protect your staff and customers

from receiving and falling victim to these emails.


Key Features


Being able to easily visualize your attack vectors gives you a crystal clear idea of the problem you're facing. Only DMARC gives you insight into what's happening globally, on your domain, and not just what tries to cross your network boundaries.


Follow simple guided steps to configure all your authorized sending sources for DMARC compliant sending. Once we detect you have 7 days of traffic with no failures of authentic emails, we will provide you with the steps to enable full DMARC protection.


Now your domains are fully protected, OnDMARC will constantly monitor your domain for any new threats. You will be alerted whenever we prevent a new attack. Our DMARC tool also helps you to keep your DMARC configuration up-to-date as you add new email services.


Benefits & capabilities

Go beyond reporting

We're not just a reporting tool. OnDMARC provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to fix uncovered issues.

Overcome SPF lookup limit

Manage unlimited email services from directly inside OnDMARC using Dynamic SPF. Best of all, avoid manual DNS updates.

Instantly verify changes

No need to wait 24 hours. OnDMARC's Investigate feature instantly verifies changes in seconds before you move on.

Secure data management

OnDMARC is ISO27001:2013 accredited. We have a set of approved procedures, processes, and systems keeping your data safe.

Ready to actively block phishing attacks and increase email deliverability?