Data-first security operations for the cloud

InGRAIN safeguards the data that matters to you. Get real-time alerts about threats in your infrastructure.

Security observability ingrained

InGRAIN uses a software-based agent that works with any cloud provider, and

integrates deeply with the Linux Kernel

for unmatched observability.


A one-stop solution that automatically detects unusual activities in containers, malicious workloads, or potential insider threats in real-time.


Context is everything

Say goodbye to getting lost in stacks of line charts and tables of metrics that make routine investigations time-consuming.


InGRAIN’s dynamic dashboards are clear and intuitive, to help your investigation with end-to-end intelligence throughout the infrastructure.


Key Features


InGRAIN integrates with your existing tools to automatically learn about your environment, and save you time.


Alert your team with context, making it easy to search and filter data through your entire infrastructure for fast root cause investigation.


InGRAIN adds enriched intelligence to your data to help automate incident response, and lower the pressure on the security team.

Benefits & capabilities


Single pane of glass

Collect a wide range of security metrics from your entire infrastructure, and stay protected with advanced alerting rules.

Adaptive learning

InGRAIN automatically discovers your infrastructure and learns what's normal.

Contextual filters

End-to-end intelligence and rich alert contexts let operators follow the narrative of an incident through their entire system.

Easy deployment

We support every major cloud environment whether you’re using Kubernetes, virtual machines, or bare metal. We’ve got you covered.

Ready to protect your infrastructure and
resources with real-time alerts?