• Harry Afif

Optimized work: The Future of Remote Work

'Changes', 2020 in a word.

Covid19 has pushed companies to adapt to a new normal - remote work. Companies needed to implement new policies and regulations to keep their employees and data safe. However, we are seeing an increase in employee productivity 📈

Remote Work increases Employees Productivity

We are seeing how working from home has helped employees to maximize their workday. A Stanford study shows that remote work is 13% more productive than their counterparts who work from the office. By working from home, employees can focus on their work, create a healthy balance of family and work life, and so be more productive.

Additionally, employees are less likely to take sick leave or holidays when working remotely. According to a survey conducted by Owl Labs, companies that support remote work experience 25% lower employee turnover.

Now that employees can work anywhere, companies can monitor their activities and provide the right productivity tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Secure Access to Sensitive Data

For the continuity of the business to operate during emergency events, it is important to have systems in place to prevent external and internal data theft threats.

There are different ways to do it, and Senhasegura is a solution that helps your organization to prevent data theft by:

  • Evaluating which data needs the greatest protection;

  • Restricting access to sensitive data;

  • Strengthening internal and external controls for data privacy;

  • Using strong passwords to protect IT devices;

  • Enabling two-factor authentication;

  • Restricting the flow of information;

  • Demanding strong passwords for all IT users.

Monitor Employee Activities to detect Insider Threats

By using workforce analytics tools, companies gain insights on employee activities so that they can identify threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s attitude and behavioral patterns.

Veriato’s Cerebral, an AI-powered security platform, immediately alerts you to who is exhibiting signs of risk (such as changes in an employee’s attitude and behavioral patterns), shows you related screen shots so that you can immediately determine the true nature of an incident.

Veriato’s Cerebral, an AI-powered security platform, immediately alerts you to who is exhibiting signs of risk. Halodata

This visibility empowers your IT security team to rapidly take action (with 100% confidence) all while gathering the evidence essential to taking legal action. It can also track a user’s email & web activity, location of devices and even Log in and log out timings.

Digital Risk Monitoring

The challenge with running a business in these times is managing the increase of data and protecting it against cyber-attacks. The trick to handling it like a pro is to anticipate and defend against potential threats rather than a mid crisis damage control.

CloudSEK XVigil’s Digital Risk Monitoring system defends against malicious threats on the web, including discussion forums, social media, messaging services, and marketplaces that have stolen credentials and sensitive data.

CloudSEK XVigil’s Digital Risk Monitoring system defends against malicious threats . Halodata

The solution detects and identify threats accurately in real time, with instant alerts and actionable insights, so that you can respond immediately to protect your data.

Optimized Work with the best Solutions

Home offices do not have adequate security measures and so are more vulnerable to hacking and other threats. Every time an employee connects to their corporate network from home, it creates possible access points for hackers to exploit.

As Data Security Experts, we at Halodata answers the challenge by providing the most effective solutions for companies to help its employees stay safe and optimize their work from home. ✨

Every business needs to share data internally, which comes with a risk of data leakage or theft. To tackle that, there are secure online cloud services such as FileCloud that allows you to store data without paying for servers, physical data center space or any infrastructure. It allows you to run your own on premise file sharing and sync solution, share and sync to your employees and partners without security worries with unlimited storage and 100% control over your data.

If you need an all-in-1 solution to back up your data, Unitrends has a fully integrated cloud backup and Disaster Recovery software and hardware to protect your data effortlessly. It can even analyze patterns of data characteristics and alerts you of early warning signs of a ransomware attack.