• Jolene xu

Cyber security: How to prepare your business for 2021

Improving your organization’s cyber security has probably always been on the agenda, but covid19 laid bare the gaps of what many thought they knew about protecting their data and their organization’s actual capabilities.

“We must look beyond basic protection decisions and improve organizational resilience through innovative approaches to detection and response, and ultimately, recovery from security incidents.”, said Brian Reed, Sr. Director Analyst, during the virtual Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, 2020.

What we learned is quite clear: it is important to anticipate threats, take stock of existing security strategies and test our response to defend against constantly changing cyber-attacks.

Which leads us to our first point:

Reviewing security of your remote workforce

Organizations have been able to better manage their remote workforces since early 2020 but it is prudent to run a risk assessment often to review any changes and determine if existing security measures are still effective.

SecurityStudio is the premier risk and digital safety assessment tool in the world. With an easy-to-use interface, information security risks can be assessed and managed for individuals (consumers and employees/personnel), organizations (public and private sector), and their vendors.

SecurityStudio’s S2Org is an organizational information security risk management tool where you can determine exactly where the most risk is in your organization with a simple scoring methodology.

You don’t need to be an information security expert to understand S2ORG. Once completed, it will identify critical vulnerabilities, control gaps/ deficiencies, and applicable threats to the security of your organization.

Employees with bad personal security habits can compromise your organization’s information security unintentionally. SecurityStudio S2 Team solution gives organizations insight into employee information security habits at home without violating their privacy, so that you can identify risky behaviours and provide suitable security training.

There is also a Vendor Risk Management Program, S2Vendor, to defend your business against third-party risk. Based on best practice risk scoring methodologies built from industry regulations, The results will help your organization to safeguard against any risk created by your vendors, and against lawyers, regulators and customers if a breach occurs (that comes at a costly price tag: $3.9 million is the average cost of a data breach, according to IBM).

The best part?

There are FREE assessments on their websites to get you started.

Prevent targeting of networks

Now that there is an overall improvement of organizational security, experts speculate that hackers will focus on exploiting vulnerabilities in network appliances such as unpatched VPN gateways.

With many working from home, more companies started to rely on a VPN setup in their business. Not all remote-work security solutions are designed for an entire workforce, and cybercriminals exploit unpatched VPNs by stealing personal