Kanguru Defender Elite3000™


The Kanguru Defender 3000™ is the fastest, most advanced, secure, military grade, hardware encrypted flash drive in the world.

Designed to address the most demanding security standards, this Superspeed USB 3.0, AES 256-bit hardware encrypted flash drive is ideal for keeping sensitive government, financial or

corporate information highly secure.

Furthermore, all Kanguru Defender® drives are fully protected from the potential risks associated with "BadUSB". The secure memory stick proves unequivocally that it meets and surpasses the most stringent federal, healthcare and financial industry security regulations in the world.


Key Features

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface

This hardware encrypted thumb drive offers USB 3.0 technology for lightning-fast data transfers.

256-bit AES Hardware Encryption (XTS Mode)

AES is a widely recognized and adapted cryptographic module used worldwide by military, government, financial institutions, and organizations all around the world as the standard for encrypting and decrypting of data.

RSA-2048, Digitally-Signed Secure Firmware

This drive is protected from "badUSB" to prevent malware attacks by a third-party. In the event of such an attack, the drive is designed to shut down, preventing the flash drive from being used as a vehicle for hackers. This makes it an ideal, trusted encrypted USB drive for whitelisting in an endpoint security environment.

FIPS 140-2 Certified, Level 3

The Defender 3000 has strong, tamper evident protections in place to prevent unauthorized access, attack, or brute force attempts to gain access to the sensitive data.

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Benefits & capabilities

Self-Service Password Management (SSPM)

With SSPM, a user will designate an email address that will be used to reset the Defender’s login password if and when the need arises.

Tamper Proof Design

The casing is protected with an epoxy compound that is water resistant and prevents physical access to the chip. Any subversive attempt to remove the epoxy compound destroys the flash chip, rendering it unusable and inaccessible.

Remotely Manageable

This robust, optional feature gives the ability for a security administrator to control an entire fleet of Defender hardware encrypted drive(s) from anywhere in the world, such as remotely wipe and/or delete drives that are lost or stolen, manage device configurations (passwords, policies, and activity), and much more.

On-Board, World-Class AntiVirus By BitDefender®

Built right into the flash drive, the antivirus consistently scans the drive in the background, ensuring that all of your files will be safe and protected from viruses.

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