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What if your computer gets lost or stolen... are you safe?

Rely on BestCrypt Volume Encryption to encrypt hard drives and protect sensitive information on stolen computers and lost devices.


Key Features


Rescue Functions to Decrypt Volumes in Emergency Case

- Bootable CD/DVD
- Bootable USB
- Rescue decryption of non-system volumes with Rescue File
- Windows bootable Live CD


Support for UEFI Secure Boot

Protects your password and encryption keys from being intercepted (e.g. with an Evil Made Attack) by checking digital signature of all modules responsible for booting encrypted computer.


Secure Hibernation

To protect your computer when left unattended BestCrypt Volume Encryption automatically locks it during hibernation, encrypts contents of the hibernation file and requires authentication on wake-up.


Two-Factor Authentication

Extra-layer security added to password protection with support for Yubikey and SafeNet eToken hardware tokens, as well as regular removable disks for secure hardware storage of encryption keys.


Benefits & capabilities

Industry-best firmware support

BestCrypt Volume Encryption is an evolved class of disk encryption products that allows users to encrypt:

- Boot/system volumes on computers with operating systems loaded according to Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), including support for GPT partitions.
- Modern volumes residing on a number of physical disk devices, such as: Spanned, Striped, Mirrored, RAID-5 volumes
- Old MS-DOS style disk partitions

No backdoors

Since back in 2013, Jetico source code for all encryption modules (BestCrypt Development Kit) is available for download. In addition, Jetico has formally stated that BestCrypt has never included any 'backdoors' or related weakness to the software.

Peace of mind for compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI)

More and more regulations, including GDPR (see encryption requirements) and HIPAA, allow for exemption of data breach notification responsibilities and fines if the customer data were rendered unintelligible. Encrypting hard drives with BestCrypt Volume Encryption is an easy measure that you can take right now to comply and gain peace of mind.

World's only OS agnostic tool

Built without backdoors, Jetico's encryption software delivers the world’s only OS agnostic tool - both Windows and Mac - to encrypt hard drives now also with central management.

Superior whole disk encryption

Compared to full disk encryption, BestCrypt Volume Encryption offers the following added benefits:

- More flexible solution (works on RAID)
- More user-friendly method
- Lighter performance impact

Protection from physical threats (stolen computers, lost drives)

BestCrypt Volume Encryption protects all data on entire hard drives from leaking out. With Pre-Boot Authentication, BestCrypt Volume Encryption is loaded before your operating system so nobody can get access to any data on your computer or drive unless they have the right password or keys.

Ready to protect your data from
physical and virtual threats?