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Are you looking to decommission or dispose Computers & Drives?

When you work with personal, confidential or classified data, sensitive information is saved to your hard drives, BCWipe Total WipeOut is the most powerful and trusted utility to wipe hard drives available.

Engineered for a wide range of users – from large organizations handling national security to small medical offices with electronic health records and home users – BCWipe Total WipeOut keeps private and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. 


Key Features

Flexible controls and automation levels

Wipe computers in just a couple of clicks in fully automated mode with default wiping policies or take full control of the process in manual mode. BCWipe Total WipeOut is designed for anyone from home users erasing personal computers to experts wiping hard drives for a large-scale enterprise.

Widest hardware support to wipe SSD, HDD, NVMe and more

Jetico offers support for the widest range of hardware from NVMe SSD wiping in modern laptops to large-capacity HDD wiping in server systems, including support to wipe Sparc and Itanium architecture.

Erase hard drives beyond recovery

Full disk wiping technology cleans hard drives entirely, wiping data as well as erasing evidence this data ever existed.

Erase data entirely with OS-independent wiping tool

Forensically wiping data spills requires that the erased disk is isolated from the OS. BCWipe Total WipeOut prevents data leaks by operating from its own environment that can start up and erase computers with any OS including wiping retired computers with possibly no OS at all.

Wiping disk, hidden areas included

Erase data traces from places you didn’t know existed with BCWipe Total WipeOut automatically detecting and wiping HPA and DCO hidden areas.

Unlock and wipe locked drives

BCWipe Total Wipeout automatically removes freeze lock before wiping ATA drives to enable support for ATA Secure Erase and other firmware-specific commands.


Benefits & capabilities

Centralized wiping & reporting for enterprises

By using nothing more than a web browser, BCWipe Total WipeOut users can run any of the software's DoD-approved wiping schemes to wipe hard drives, SSDs and SSHDs on multiple computers simultaneously and retrieve wiping reports from a central server over the network.

Military-grade technology at your fingertips

Despite its industrial strength, BCWipe Total WipeOut is still very easy to use, bringing military-grade wiping technology right to every user's fingertips.

Support for wipe hard drives on any operating system

With BCWipe Total WipeOut, wiping procedures can be run on any hardware platform with x386 and 64-bit AMD/Intel architecture, Itanium or 64-bit SPARC, regardless of the operating system installed on the computer.

End of life wiping (decommission, dispose, sell/donate)

BCWipe Total WipeOut is designed to wipe hard drives – including boot records, file-system structures, operating system files and hidden areas such as the Host Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO).

Ready to securely erase all traces
of unwanted data beyond recovery?