What do you do to your old HDD?

Magnetic Eraser of Media Best Method to Control Your Sensitive Data

When you erase a computer file via the delete/erase commands or formatting of the storage media, are all data and information destroyed permanently?

The reality is that you leave disk blocks containing the file’s contents intact. In order to be sure that a deleted, it is necessary to overwrite the data sectors of that file. This process is not simply “erasing” or “formatting” the drives; this is not sufficient, as there are numerous tools available to recover “lost” data on disk drives.

Information and data are valuable assets of any business. IT managers face increasing pressure to assure the confidentiality of corporate, client, or patient data. Most IT Manageres have strategies for data security within their network. But there always comes a day when data storage media are retired through asset liquidation.

If improperly disposed of, potential confidential data could be retrieved from these media.

How can you ensure data on those retired storage media cannot be made available to others?

Hard drives, CDs as well as all forms of magnetic media should be sanitised. Through the process of degaussing and secure destruction, these media are rendered inoperable, thus ensuring that confidential and sensitive data are permanently destroyed, This prevents compromise of the security of data.

Hard drives should be degaussed, while storage media like CDs, DVDs and other forms of optical storage device should be physically destroyed. These process require specialised machineries.

Halodata Indonesia has the equipment and the expetise to carry out comprehensive and destruction services which are in compliance with US DoD (department of Defense)/NSA (National Security Agency requirements.