Prevent data overages and exorbitant roaming charges and eliminate excessive work time use of entertainment and social media


Comprehensive Mobile Data Control

Corrata makes it easy to implement data usage controls on any mobile device independent of carrier.

  • Set daily and/or monthly caps for non-business domestic and roaming usage

  • Blacklist high bandwidth entertainment apps from using mobile data while allowing them over Wi-Fi

  • Whitelist business critical apps so employees can always get the job done

  • Set customized policies tailored to the needs of different types of employee: executives, office based, field based, etc.


Key Features

What makes Corrata the best data control solution:


Real Time Visibility

Corrata provides real-time visibility of employee mobile data usage broken down by category, location and if required, by site and application.

  • Data usage per device and aggregated

  • Split between domestic and roaming

  • Broken down by location

  • Rapid identification of potential ‘bill shock’ events and administrator alerts when excessive usage events are identified

Simple to Deploy and Manage

Corrata is simple to deploy and manage and works on any iOS or Android device on all mobile networks.

  • The Corrata solution works with any iOS (10.5 or later) or Android (6.0 or later) device

  • Deploy directly from the Apple and Android app stores or through an MDM solution

  • Works with both unmanaged, managed, supervised and unsupervised devices

  • Integration with leading MDM vendors makes it easy to enroll and manage devices and to enforce compliance where required


Protect Against Risky Content

Because Corrata operates across both cellular and WiFi it’s the ideal solution for defending against web threats and enforcing acceptable use policies.

  • Block access to inappropriate content considered harmful or illegal

  • Restrict usage of unapproved cloud storage services

  • Prevent excessive work-time use of social media or entertainment services

  • Keep devices secure by protecting against phishing and malware


Uncompromising Employee Experience

The Corrata App for iOS and Android operates unobtrusively in the background providing control and security without impacting on device performance or employee experience.

  • Simple, once off, employee friendly onboarding process

  • Timely, personalized usage alerts

  • Intuitive presentation of data usage and policies

  • Low power and memory footprint



Set caps on non work data usage

Set per device caps for domestic and roaming usage tailored to the needs of your organization

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Prevent access to inappropriate content

Enforce your organization’s acceptable usage across all your devices, not just your desktops

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Blacklist high bandwidth entertainment apps

Block high bandwidth non-business applications such as social media or video streaming apps

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Customize policies for your employees

Set customized policies tailored to the needs of different types of employee: executives, office based, field based etc.

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