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The leading 

platform that detects 3rd party data leaks instantly.

XVigil's AI Engine

XVigil first gathers millions of data units from online sources. This raw data is filtered for noise, false positives, and anomalies, using a powerful AI engine.


After which it is indexed, parsed, checked against the historical data lake, and mapped to clients’ assets. Duplicates and familiar threats are discarded, and the remaining relevant threats are rated based on severity, and sent to customers as alerts.


Digital Risk Monitoring with XVigil

Backed by 5 years of extensive research and development, CloudSEK’s ‘XVigil’ is a SaaS-based easy-to-use platform.


The XVigil dashboard provides specific, actionable, and timely warnings that help you intervene and take swift action, thus preventing costly breaches and losses.

Key Features


XVigil’s Digital Risk Monitoring system defends against malicious threats in the following phases:


Raw data from open and closed internet sources, like underground discussion forums and exfiltrated data, is collected. Data from internet exposed applications is also analysed.


This data is then fed to CloudSEK’s proprietary model “ThreatMeter”. By deploying artificial intelligence, ThreatMeter detects and rates threats accurately in real time.


After a detailed verification of these threats, XVigil’s dashboard provides analytics which aids insightful and actionable information.


Don’t just react to cyber-attacks; anticipate and mitigate.
While you’re building defenses against known threats, there are newer, more sophisticated ones being directed at you. With XVigil’s focused, real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and actionable insights, you can be vigilant and stay secure.



Cumbersome servers begone. Browser, web link and go.


End-to-end monitoring

Coverage across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.


Non-invasive technology

Access to your confidential information is not required.


Unified risk monitoring

Integrate with pre-existing issue trackers and centrally monitor all digital risks.


Customized scanning

Update the assets you want to monitor at any time.


Proprietary ThreatMeter

Accurate, real-time threat detection, rating, and prioritization.

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