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Zero Trust Security with a Zero Touch Experience

Secure and protect your users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with a solution that’s focused on earning trust across any endpoint and continuously validating that trust at every event or transaction.

AI-Enabled Security Across All Endpoints

The BlackBerry Spark® UES Suite provides complete security effectively prevent breaches and safeguard against sophisticated threats with advanced AI.


It provides a total Zero Trust solution with coverage across the full spectrum of devices, ownership models, network, apps and people. It continuously authenticates users and dynamically adopts security policies to deliver a Zero Touch experience that improves security with no user interruption.


Key Features

Endpoint Protection (EPP)

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, BlackBerry® Protect provides automated malware prevention, application and script control, memory protection, and device policy enforcement. It predicts and prevents cyber-attacks with unparalleled effectiveness, ease of use and minimal system impact.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

BlackBerry® Optics extends the threat prevention delivered by BlackBerry® Protect by using artificial intelligence to prevent security incidents. It provides true AI incident prevention, root cause analysis, smart threat hunting, and automated detection and response capabilities.

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

BlackBerry Protect on mobile prevents, detects and remediates advanced malicious threats at the device and application levels. It combines the mobile endpoint management capabilities of BlackBerry® UEM with advanced AI-driven threat protection to get in front of malicious cyberattacks in a Zero Trust environment.



User & Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA)

BlackBerry® Persona creates trust-based on biometrics, app usage, and network and process invocation patterns. It uses adaptive risk scoring and dynamic policy adaption across mobile devices to provide continuous authentication.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The BlackBerry UES Suite addresses data-related threats, including the risk of inadvertent or accidental data loss, and the exposure of sensitive data  using monitoring, filtering, blocking, and other remediation features. 

(Available in a Future Release)

Secure Web Gateway

The BlackBerry UES Suite protects web-surfing endpoints from infection and enforces corporate and regulatory policy compliance by filtering unwanted software and malware from user web browsing.

(Available in a Future Release)

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